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"Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book." - Sir James Dyson

“This is a wonderful initiative giving design and technology teachers the opportunity to see how engineers work in businesses such as Dyson. It is encouraging to know that teachers will be equipped with industry-relevant knowledge and skills to teach young people about the exciting, creative and challenging world of engineering.”

Sir James Dyson

Join a movement to support technical education in schools and provide ‘real-life’ learning for students.

We have called this innovative programme Blueprint 1000 and we believe that we have created a blueprint of how industry and education can work together to help create the workforce of the future.

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Great Britain has a long and proud heritage in engineering, design and manufacturing. In many sectors we have led the world – and still do. Our reputation for design remains high, but across a number of sectors the skills gap is widening, and we are currently facing challenges.

Other countries seek to wrest business from us and enhance their own reputations and GB business leaders are facing ever increasing problems in finding their workforces of the future – bright, creative and innovative young people both inspired to work in design and technological fields and skilled in these areas.

Industry looks to schools to fix the problem. Schools look in vain to Government. School leaders, finding design and technology (D&T) both time and resource expensive are cutting back in these areas in favour of subjects deemed more conducive to the acquisition of favourable Ofsted outcomes under the current accountability system. The result is that students with an interest in D&T are sidelined and industry’s workforce of tomorrow ever diminishes.

So, do we just accept this inevitable and destructive spiral as a consequence of changing world economies?

At the Design and Technology Association we refuse to accept this. We believe the future lies in our own hands and that it is imperative that we become even more proactive with business and industry by working to increase the profile of D&T in schools and to highlight the exciting career prospects for young people studying the subject.

And not just helping young people ‘get a job’ but work that has purpose as they bring their skills, ideas and energy to applying D&T thinking to address modern day pressing issues – creative and innovative thinking aimed at addressing the many social and environmental issues threatening our world.

If this resonates with you. If preserving and building on our hard-won reputation appeals. If developing and nurturing your workforce of the future makes sense – then join Blueprint 1000 as we seek to join the worlds of business, industry and education, create a voice for technical education in schools and help identify and bring you closer to your future workforce.

We are the Design and Technology Association and we are committed to joining up the worlds of education and industry because where technology and creativity meet... that’s where the magic happens!

Membership & Pricing

Year long membership of Blueprint 1000

“Effective teachers are the most important factor contributing to student achievement.”
John Hattie - Professor of Education and Director of the Melbourne Research Institute, University of Melbourne


One year membership

Through membership and our exclusive programme of professional development, we will help new and experienced teachers gain and develop the skills, confidence and competence they need to excel in teaching high quality design and technology.

Together we can ensure that the UK has future generations of brilliantly creative and innovative young people.

For membership features of Blueprint 1000 please see below!

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“Government, educational institutions, and employers must work together to ensure young people are leaving education prepared for the modern world”
CBI 'Getting young people work-ready' June 2019

Membership Features

Some of the items that Blueprint 1000 membership can provide for your business.



Guidance on nurturing an ongoing, long term relationships with linked local schools

Supporting you to find and retain employees from a pool of young people who will be effective and efficient at the jobs and career pathways required by industry

Work with education to create a cohort of adaptable, creative problem-solvers with initiative and drive

In the long-term, engagement with Blueprint 1000 will reduce effort and spend when recruiting appropriately skilled and prepared candidates

Mechanism to raise your company awareness and media profile within the community by improving your company’s engagement with schools

Gain a greater understanding and keep up to date on the challenges and changes in education and school curriculum and have an impact upon student learning

Networking events with other Blueprint 1000 members

Opportunity to host Blueprint 1000 events in your company to train local teachers. CPD within the events will be tailored to your organisation

Influencing the direction and content of careers education and guidance where it matters – in the classroom

Preferential access to Teachers in Residence programme

Supports schools in your community and help to develop teachers’ skills and understanding of the needs of regional industry

Opportunity to become involved with Design and Technology Association lobbying events (exhibit or sponsor)

Preference given to Blueprint members to feature their organisation in Design and Technology Association career related videos

Opportunities to develop and deliver resources and projects linked to your sector, into school year groups

Access to our industry-school linked resources to gain an understanding of activities undertaken by other companies

Preferential member advertising rates in magazines

Opportunities for articles and case studies linked to your organisation to be published in our magazines

Blueprint exclusive event (hosted by the Reece Group), Newcastle

Blueprint 1000 has evolved from an innovative model for teacher professional development and school/industry engagement that emanated from a model trialled in Newcastle at the end of summer 2019. This trained 25 teachers and positively impacted up to 9,250 students within local schools, while at the same time allowing Reece Group to showcase key aspects of their business.

Helping to inspire and inform teachers in order to engage the workforce of the future

Teachers receive cutting edge subject training alongside a customised input from the host company. We help schools to link this experience directly to the curriculum thus contextualising learning and assisting student engagement and curiosity.

How the events work

By sponsoring a Blueprint event you are directly helping to improve the quality of design and technology teaching in schools local to you. We engage the schools and teachers, we agree and deliver the course content and manage all necessary event logistics and post-event follow up - finally, we work with you to ensure that the 40 minute company input to teachers is curriculum relevant and will be engaging to all teachers present.


Exclusive Blueprint 1000 events




Training up to 10 teachers at your premises, this training day can benefit up to 3,700 students.




Training up to 15 teachers at your premises, this training day can benefit up to 5,550 students.




Training up to 25 teachers at your premises, this training day can benefit up to 9,250 students.


Events Features





Regional schools and teachers will influence 1,000s of pupils and students, clearly guiding them at the beginning of their career

An effective way to address your company Corporate Social Responsibility

The event will include appropriate time for you to showcase your company, e.g. a tour of your premises showing manufacturing, engineering and creative processes

The Design and Technology Association will recruit and facilitate teachers for this Blueprint event

Regional marketing to schools explaining the values of your company and the details of the training

Training is capped at 10 teachers to your premises for a training day enabling teachers to see how your business operates

Training is capped at 15 teachers coming to your premises for a training day to see how your business operates

Training is capped at 25 teachers coming to your premises for a training day to see how your business operates

Prominent company profile on the Blueprint website and on the Design & Technology Association website

Profile page/write-up in D&T 'Practice' magazine

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We will be announcing new members as they join. Our objective is to build a movement of 1,000 Blueprint members over the next five years between January 2020 and January 2025; connecting education and industry regionally, while at the same time creating a powerful business voice for the importance of technical education. We are currently talking with a number of blue-chip, forward thinking companies, the first twenty founding Blueprint 1000 members will be announced here in early 2020