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Building A Team

Are you a business leader in a manufacturing, engineering or design business who needs to hire apprentices and young people into your team?

Getting involved with Blueprint 1000® will

Help you employ the best candidates for your apprenticeship scheme reducing your recruitment funding and the time it takes while increasing the diversity and inclusion for your schemes

Teachers will understand the skills needs for apprenticeships in your company and encourage the right candidates regardless of gender or background to apply.

Young people will be inspired by the career opportunities offered by you as employers

You will get involved with activities in up to five local schools, facilitated by The Design and Technology Association, using ideas that have added real value with other companies and schools.

As a member you will receive


We will identify and approach our engaged network of teachers and schools including our 28,000+ members to invite them to become your local network of up to five schools.


We will send you our guide “Nurturing Engagement with local schools” which is full of ideas and case studies for engaging activities that have helped to achieve these outcomes previously.


We will facilitate a planning session with you and your network of schools to agree a programme of activities for the year to meet your objectives such as setting a school project around your business, attending careers evenings or helping with mock interviews.


We will explore further opportunities with you to sponsor events or host a Teachers In Residence programme to create further impact for your business.

£3750 per year (+VAT) per participating business location

Reece Group in the North East are a leading local employer and their Involvement with Blueprint 1000® has cemented that reputation as a local employer of choice

They hosted a CPD event for teachers and extended an invitation that they would facilitate factory tours for interested students. In a 12-month period they have hosted many groups of GCSE and A Level students from the North East of England. The students thoroughly enjoyed their visit and have returned to the classroom with renewed enthusiasm. The Reece Group are confident that they have an ongoing pool of potential employees that should save them recruitment time and costs.

“The events enable us to speak to other teachers from all over the region. We have been able to talk about new fresh ideas and developments within D&T. It helps us to justify why the subject is so important and crucial in schools”

Louise Glover,
Emmanuel College in Gateshead

Further benefits of Blueprint 1000®


Blueprint 1000® helps you influence the subject and provide context from your business, cementing your company reputation as a supporter of the local community.

Conversation starter

Blueprint 1000® can open doors to conversations and effective engagement with senior school leaders and teachers, including over 20,000 Design & Technology Association members


Getting involved with Blueprint 1000® gives you better insight into developments in the world of education. You will benefit from increased knowledge, employee motivation and positive PR for your business

Promotion and Advertisment

We will explore further opportunities with you to take part in our webinar programme to speak directly to teachers across the country and discuss sponsorship of events, promotion within e-newsletters and advertising in our magazines at preferential rates.

PR Opportunities

We will help you to gain positive PR within your local school community to help you become one of the local employers of choice, highlighting your reputation within a region

As a member, you are in good company

The Design and Technology Association’s Blueprint 1000® initiative is building long term relationships between companies and schools, locally and nationally, for mutual benefit. Join us to contribute to improved outcomes for young people, communities, and business.

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