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Winners Announced for Seymourpowell Competition: ‘The Future of Taking a Break’

We would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of this year’s Seymourpowell school competition, ‘The Future of Taking a Break’. The level of creativity and innovation displayed by all participants made the judging process extremely challenging for the team at Seymourpowell but the winners clinched it with their fantastic and creative interpretations of the brief.

First Place: Regine Wong, Newstead Wood School

Regine Wong’s project stood out for its meticulous and rigorous design process. From initial insight through to ideation and refinement, her work seamlessly blended imagination with practicality across physical, digital, and experiential realms. Her strong command of core design skills and brilliant execution earned her the top spot.

Second Place: Chloe Elliott, The Ladies’ College, Guernsey

Chloe Elliott impressed the judges with her innovative approach to taking a break. By linking traditional practices to new and alternative relaxation methods, her project was developed through a comprehensive design process, encompassing research, ideation, design, and prototyping. The result was a remarkable final concept that secured her the second place.

Third Place: Mainak Ghosh, Colchester Royal Grammar School

Mainak Ghosh earned third place with a project that combined a solid understanding of behavioural science and technology with a thought-provoking wellbeing concept. His project was notable for its consideration of advancements in sensory technology to promote healthy lifestyle choices in everyday routines.

Our Director of Education Ryan Ball took part in the judging process and remarked on the caliber of entries.

“I really enjoy looking through competition entries but am always rather wary when setting or sharing briefs as it is a dive into the unknown both in terms of numbers of entries, and also the quality shared. Looking through the outcomes that came in for the competition made me realise that as ever with Seymourpowell, I need not have worried. The variety and creativity of entries demonstrated again that there are some truly talented and creative individuals out there who really shared fantastic outcomes to the brief.”

Congratulations to all winners! The team at Seymourpowell look forward to presenting the winners with their awards and learning more about the projects in detail.

We also express our gratitude to Seymourpowell for their invaluable support in making this competition a success.

The ingenuity and creativity displayed in every submission assure us that the future of design and innovation is indeed bright!