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Blueprint 1000® membership is your first step to supporting and influencing the teaching of design and technology in your local area. If you would like to influence a wider geographic area and make more of an impact, the next step would be to sponsor a Blueprint 1000® event.

What is a Blueprint 1000® event?

A collection of design and technology teachers from several schools in your desired area will attend your branded event, often held at one of your company premises.

The teachers will receive cutting-edge continuous professional development that is curriculum relevant and tailored to fit with your business goals, delivered by a Design and Technology Association Trainer. You will also have the opportunity to share some information about your company with the teachers to enhance their awareness and knowledge of your company, it’s values and objectives. The event also often includes a tour of your company facilities to demonstrate manufacturing, engineering and creative processes in context.

There are also options to host a virtual event. This is less effective than bring the teachers ‘on-site’ but has the advantage of being easier to organise and is a better fit for some businesses and teachers who may struggle to obtain a full days release from school.

“Having just taken part in the Blueprint1000 session with Foster + Partners, I just wanted to say how inspiring and exciting it was! Thank you!” –  Lisa Morris


“Really enjoyed the Blueprint1000 session with Foster + Partners, thank you Tony. It was great to hear from Dan, Peter, and Helen about their experiences. Our Yr 12 Architectural Unit will benefit massively from the session this evening, glad lots of other schools feel it is just as important too. Thank you again!”

Why should I sponsor a Blueprint 1000® event?

Blueprint 1000 events positively influence a group of design and technology teachers, giving them a favourable impression of your company and an understanding of what you do. By providing this training for a group of around 20 teachers, you will reach and influence the learning of over 5000 school students each year.

Helping to influence a subject that is likely to match well with the knowledge, skills and character sets that you are looking for from your future employees.

Supporting the continuous professional development of teachers means you can directly inform and improve the quality of design and technology teaching in schools near you. It is an effective way of addressing your company Corporate Social Responsibility and giving back to your community.

As part of the sponsorship there will be regional marketing to schools, explaining the values of your company and the details of the training offered.

How does it work?

We would agree the size, format and content of the event that best meets your business goals and budget.

The Design and Technology Association will then recruit and facilitate the attendance of teachers to this event from their extensive membership of over 33,000 teachers.

The D&T Association will manage all pre-event communication, event logistics and post-event follow up as well as providing training content and trainer.

How many teachers are involved?

There are several event types to suit your ambition and budget.

Virtual Silver Event

3,240 pupils reached

up to 15 teachers attend this virtual two-hour event. Sponsorship £2,600 +VAT

Virtual Gold Event

5,400 pupils reached

At least 16 up to 30 teachers attend this virtual two-hour event. Sponsorship £4,000 + VAT


in person event

up to 10 teachers receive a training day at your premises


Pupils reached

£4,470 + VAT


in person event

up to 15 teachers receive a training day at your premises


Pupils reached

£6,370 + VAT


in person event

up to 25 teachers receive a training day at your premises


Pupils reached

£9,970 + VAT

As a member, you are in good company

The Design and Technology Association’s Blueprint 1000® initiative is building long term relationships between companies and schools, locally and nationally, for mutual benefit. Join us to contribute to improved outcomes for young people, communities, and business.

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