Great Britain has a long and proud heritage in engineering, design and manufacturing. In many sectors we have led the world – and still do. Our reputation for design remains high, but across a number of sectors the skills gap is widening, and we are currently facing challenges.

Other countries seek to wrest business from us and enhance their own reputations and GB business leaders are facing ever increasing problems in finding their workforces of the future – bright, creative and innovative young people both inspired to work in design and technological fields and skilled in these areas.

Industry looks to schools to fix the problem. Schools look in vain to Government. School leaders, finding design and technology (D&T) both time and resource expensive are cutting back in these areas in favour of subjects deemed more conducive to the acquisition of favourable Ofsted outcomes under the current accountability system. The result is that students with an interest in D&T are sidelined and industry’s workforce of tomorrow ever diminishes.

So, do we just accept this inevitable and destructive spiral as a consequence of changing world economies?

At the Design and Technology Association we refuse to accept this. We believe the future lies in our own hands and that it is imperative that we become even more proactive with business and industry by working to increase the profile of D&T in schools and to highlight the exciting career prospects for young people studying the subject.

And not just helping young people ‘get a job’ but work that has purpose as they bring their skills, ideas and energy to applying D&T thinking to address modern day pressing issues – creative and innovative thinking aimed at addressing the many social and environmental issues threatening our world.

If this resonates with you. If preserving and building on our hard-won reputation appeals. If developing and nurturing your workforce of the future makes sense – then join Blueprint 1000 as we seek to join the worlds of business, industry and education, create a voice for technical education in schools and help identify and bring you closer to your future workforce.

We are the Design and Technology Association and we are committed to joining up the worlds of education and industry because where technology and creativity meet... that’s where the magic happens!

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Our objective is to build a movement of1000 Blueprint members over the next five years between January 2020 andJanuary 2025, connecting education and industry regionally, while at the sametime creating a powerful business voice for the importance of technical education.