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Supporter of D&T education

Do you have a passion for Design & Technology education and a desire to promote and shape the subject for the future?

Your sector depends on young people with the right skills leaving education and entering the world of work. That is why a lot of the companies we work with are passionate about protecting and promoting the future of Design & Technology.

Getting involved with Blueprint 1000® will

Allow you to inspire the teaching of Design & Technology locally or nationally providing your company’s perspective that will enrich the content and context of lessons taught which will protect the subject’s future and build your company’s reputation.

Teachers will understand the skills needed by businesses like yours.

Students will be inspired to pursue an education and career path that may lead them to your company.

You will get involved with activities in up to five local schools, facilitated by The Design and Technology Association, using ideas that have added real value with other companies and schools.

As a member you will receive


We will establish your goals for getting involved and agree a programme of activity that will meet those needs.


We will identify and approach our engaged network of teachers and schools including our 28,000+ members to invite them to participate. This could be a local or national group depending on your objectives.


We will facilitate meeting your objectives whether that be through a planning session with local schools to agree a local programme or through conducting national activity through our membership.


We will involve you, if you agree, in ongoing activities of The Design & Technology Association to help protect and promote the subject and this will enhance your reputation with leaders and decision makers around the subject.


We will facilitate networking opportunities with other members who share your commitment to the subject.


We will explore further opportunities with you to sponsor events or host a Teachers In Residence programme to create further impact for your business

£3750 per year (+VAT) per participating business location

Foster and Partner is a global studio for sustainable architecture, engineering, urbanism and industrial design

They are a passionate supporter of Design and Technology education and want to encourage the inclusion of architecture on the school D&T curriculum. As part of their Blueprint 1000® membership, we agreed to host a joint online workshop for primary and secondary teachers to discuss ways that architecture might fit into their school curriculum offer and to share what a career in architecture could offer students. This was a two-hour virtual workshop

Inspiring young minds to develop key skills that will help them prosper in the workplace of tomorrow is essential. Design and Technology equips children with the core skills for a range of creative careers including architecture. It is vital that the next generation is given the tools to imagine and build better and more adaptive cities and spaces for our ever-changing world. The work of Blueprint 1000 Programme is crucial to this endeavour.

Dan Sibert,
Fosters + Partner

Further benefits of Blueprint 1000®


Blueprint 1000® provides the opportunity to engage with students to secure the best candidates and improve your recruitment process

Conversation starter

Blueprint 1000® can open doors to conversations and effective engagement with senior school leaders and teachers, including over 20,000 Design & Technology Association members


Getting involved with Blueprint 1000® gives you better insight into developments in the world of education. You will benefit from increased knowledge, employee motivation and positive PR for your business

Advertising and promotion

Receive preferential member advertising rates in The Design & Technology Association Magazines and on marketing email shots. Attend and promote your company on our ongoing and varied Webinar programme

PR Opportunities

We will help you to gain positive PR within your local school community to help you become one of the local employers of choice, highlighting your reputation within a region

As a member, you are in good company

The Design and Technology Association’s Blueprint 1000® initiative is building long term relationships between companies and schools, locally and nationally, for mutual benefit. Join us to contribute to improved outcomes for young people, communities, and business.

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