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Ambition Week at St Leo’s & Southmead Catholic Primary School

Conor Philips

Virgin Galactic VR

LEGO Ninjago Magic Mirror

St Leo’s & Southmead Catholic Primary School seized an exciting opportunity to participate in Ambition Week, an online initiative offering valuable insights into the realms of design, technology, and engineering.

Recognising the importance of exposing their students to diverse career options, the school engaged in this unique online workshop to broaden their horizons. This included three different companies digitally presenting to pupils to ignite their curiosity.

We caught up with Conor Philips, a 3D Artist currently employed at Seymourpowell. Conor played a pivotal role during Ambition Week and was one of the presenters for the session.

Seymourpowell is a thriving Design Studio that passionately believes in making things better and more enjoyable for people, businesses, and the world and jumped at the chance to take part.

Session Highlights

Conor shared his professional journey and expertise during the workshop, shedding light on the dynamic field of design and engineering. As a 3D Artist, he discussed creating models for various mediums such as VR, games, and TV. Notable projects included the LEGO Ninjago magic mirror, enabling users to become ninjas, and a Virgin Galactic VR experience, allowing individuals to explore a spaceship and gaze into space.

Educational Background

Conor’s educational path was outlined to pupils, demonstrating the diverse routes into the field. He studied game design in college, where he learned the intricacies of game development, including artistic aspects. His university studies focused on Computer Arts, specialising in 3D art for games and films. Graduating in 2020 from Dundee, Scotland, Conor exemplifies the possibilities and pathways within the creative and technological industries.


Ambition Week at St Leo’s & Southmead Catholic Primary School successfully exposed pupils to the exciting possibilities within design and engineering. Conor’s engaging presentation provided valuable insights, inspiring students to consider diverse career paths in these dynamic fields. The initiative aligns with Seymourpowell’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation.

This case study highlights the collaborative efforts between educational institutions and industry professionals to nurture curiosity, broaden perspectives, and ignite passion for diverse careers among young students.