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Andy Perrins Teachers in Residence at ELSE

This case study explores the experience of Andy Perrins who participated in the Teachers in Residence Programme at Else – an experience design, strategy and innovation consultancy. The program aims to bridge the gap between education and industry by providing teachers with placements in businesses to gain insights into various sectors. This aims to enhance their ability to guide students towards career options armed with the relevant skills for industry. Andy, an experienced educator, shares his thoughts and experiences gained throughout the programme.


Else is a pioneering and innovative design agency dedicated to crafting impactful, forward-thinking solutions. With a philosophy deeply rooted in creativity, functionality, and user-centric design. The company consistently delivers exceptional experiences across various digital platforms and physical spaces. Their multidisciplinary approach and emphasis on human-centred design enables them to create engaging, intuitive designs that resonate with clients. Whether it’s crafting immersive digital experiences, shaping user interfaces, or conceptualising spatial design.


Andy’s exploration of the Teachers in Residence Programme commenced with a serendipitous discovery on the Design and Technology Association X (formerly Twitter) feed. He found this platform to be the best source for discovering school projects and educational opportunities.


Andy’s participation in the Teachers in Residence Programme surpassed initial expectations, offering a valuable and enriching experience. His strong interest in comprehending the company’s operations was met with an inspiring office environment and welcoming team.

Andy found it to be a significant catalyst for his understanding of UX/UI design, sparking a newfound interest in design processes and client-based work. He envisioned a more innovative teaching approach, leveraging his gained insights to infuse design elements into his educational strategies.

While the subject content of the placement was not directly related to the curriculum, Andy believed that the experience would make him more adventurous with the design process in his teaching and facilitated a practical connection between industry practices and education, offering a unique lens through which to shape his teaching methodologies.

Looking Forward

Andy plans to deliver new information regarding career options to his students as a result of this experience. He will recommend the program to students who have an interest in interacting with the growing market of electronics, design, and manufacturing. He found in-depth profiling of the company’s customer base to be the most useful activity, which he believes will be valuable to teach to his students.

Andy saw the benefit of the programme and is keen to use a longer duration to provide him with further experience and a chance to build stronger relationships.

He expressed that he would definitely recommend the Teachers in Residence programme to his colleagues, given the positive impact it had on his understanding of the industry.

Andy plans to continue the link between his school and the company where he had the placement, primarily through work experience opportunities for students.

In summary, Andy’s experience with the Teachers in Residence Programme was positive and greatly expanded his knowledge in the sector. He plans to utilise this knowledge to benefit his students and would recommend the program to other teachers. He also sees potential for a stronger partnership between his school and the hosting company in the future.