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Primary Engineer National Competition

In a recent webinar, Scott, the Head of Marketing at Primary Engineer, shared exciting details about the organisation’s National Engineering Competition. The competition, accessible to all schools in the UK, invites students to explore the fascinating world of engineering by pondering the question: “If you were an engineer, what would you do?”

Scott began the session by providing valuable insights into the competition, which is fully funded by industry partners and offered free of charge to all schools. Primary Engineer’s mission is to bring engineering directly into classrooms, fostering engagement between teachers, pupils, and engineers, while celebrating the unique contributions of every participant.

Open to students aged 5 to 18, the competition challenges participants to identify a problem within their community and devise an engineering solution. Scott emphasised that the primary objective is not to determine the best solution but to celebrate the creativity and innovative ideas generated by each student.

To enhance engagement, the initative includes interviews with professionals, offering students the opportunity to ask questions and gain firsthand insights into the field. The competition also includes webinars for schools to learn more about the experience and benefits of participation.

In summary, Primary Engineer’s National Engineering Competition is cultivating a passion for engineering among students, providing a platform for creative expression, and sowing the seeds for a future generation of imaginative and innovative engineers. This webinar allowed Primary Engineer to connect with contacts across D&T Education to spread the word of the competition and network with teachers in attendance. 

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