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Dysons Engaging Virtual Workshop with Local School

Creating meaningful connections between students and the real world of industry is an essential aspect of preparing young minds for the future and an initiative we are fully behind here at the Association.  

One recent success story involves Boxmoor Primary school who collaborated with Blueprint 1000 member, The James Dyson Foundation. We caught up with Primary teacher Victoria Martyn who took part in the virtual session with Dyson Engineer Danya Walker. This case study explores the school’s experience, highlighting the structure of the workshop, its impact on students, and the potential it holds for inspiring future career paths.

The Setup

The journey began when the school saw an opportunity to participate in this unique online workshop. The session aimed to provide students with insights into the world of design, technology and engineering and was organised in response to a need for more diverse career options to be demonstrated to students. The school saw it as an opportunity to expose their students, particularly year five students, to the exciting possibilities within the field of design and engineering.


The virtual session was facilitated through an online platform and delivered live. Dyson representative, Danya, engaged with the students, and the session was structured to encourage active participation. The students were encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussions.

The session revolved around the design process, offering students a glimpse into the iterative nature of product development. Danya shared the challenges and multiple iterations that a product undergoes before reaching its final form, a concept that particularly resonated with the students.

Student Engagement

One remarkable aspect of the workshop was the level of student engagement. Even though the session was virtual. Some students were particularly excited and commented positively on the experience. The fact that Dyson’s products were familiar to many students contributed to their engagement. Seeing a well-known brand engage in the design and engineering process made the content relatable and captivating.

Impact and Future Prospects

The workshop left a positive impression. It shed light on the intricate process of design and the importance of perseverance in the face of challenges. The real-world perspective provided by Dyson was invaluable, and students learned that making mistakes is a part of innovation and growth.

From the school’s perspective, this experience is seen as a stepping stone towards fostering stronger connections between education and industry. The desire is to extend such collaborations to other companies and industries, introducing students to a broader range of career options. Construction, textiles, and other fields are under consideration for future engagements.

Dyson’s contribution to this endeavour was significant, and they have set a promising example for other companies to follow in engaging with the education sector.