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SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids Webinar

Dassault Systèmes recently delivered an enlightening webinar that showcased the versatile SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

This suite of free apps is designed to introduce children aged 4-14 to the world of design and engineering in a fun and engaging manner. The webinar was free to attend and took place on the 6th of July. It provided educators with valuable insights on integrating these apps into their design and technology curriculum. It was well attended with 18 participants made up of educators across primary and secondary. 


SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids offers a comprehensive system of apps that breaks down the design and engineering process into easily manageable components. With activities ranging from creation, moulding and styling to designing and expressing creativity, these apps provide a platform for young students to explore and develop their engineering skills.

The webinar delved into how these apps can be effectively utilised within the curriculum, and attendees were shown practical examples from other educators who have successfully incorporated them into their classrooms. This included models comprising dinosaurs, elephants, fish, landscape scenery and cartoon characters to spark creativity and pupils’ imaginations.

Free to use

To ensure easy accessibility, the apps are offered completely free of charge. The apps can be accessed through a simple online interface, eliminating the need for additional installations. All that is required is an internet connection and a free account.

Classroom feature

One of the key highlights is the classroom feature. This platform provides teachers with a vast library of ready-to-use lesson plans, allowing for seamless integration into their teaching strategies. The classroom feature also facilitates classroom management, providing teachers with tools to organise and monitor student progress in a safe and controlled environment.

The webinar demonstrated how SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids not only introduces children to the world of 3D design and technology but also fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. By starting early, children develop a strong foundation for future innovation and acquire essential digital skills at a young age. The initial entry level appeared easy to implement and gives children scope for exploration.

Feedback from the webinar attendees was positive, with teachers expressing excitement about the possibilities they could explore and were keen to get started. Participants also appreciated the user-friendly nature of the apps, as well as the extensive resources available through the classroom feature.

For those interested in exploring SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids further, additional information can be found on their website

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