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Teachers in Residence: Bulletproof – Debbie Inman

The Teachers in Residence programme has the same goals as our Blueprint 1000 initiative, which aims to bring industry and business closer to the field of education. The program serves two primary objectives, fostering collaboration and consultation between teachers and industry professionals whilst enabling teachers to update their skill sets and ensure the relevance of their teachings. This case study focuses on the partnership between Bulletproof and teachers participating in the program from Bulletproof’s perspective.


Bulletproof is a global independent creative agency with a people-centric approach. The company recognises the disconnect between education and the design industry and engages with initiatives to actively bridge this skills gap. Many students and teachers were unaware of the diverse opportunities within the design agency world, and Bulletproof sought to address this. By engaging with teachers, they aimed to spread awareness of the industry’s potential and inspire future talent.


  • Enhance teachers’ understanding of the design industry and its opportunities.
  • Foster collaboration between teachers and industry professionals.
  • Increase awareness of the design agency world among students.


The Teachers in Residence program facilitated placements for teachers at Bulletproof, where they spent three to five days immersed in the agency’s operations. The participating teachers were given the opportunity to observe various aspects of the agency’s work, including attending meetings, meeting with designers and understanding real-life projects. The program aimed to provide teachers with an authentic understanding of the design industry and its multidisciplinary nature.

Validation of Teaching Approaches

Teachers who participated in the program reported increased confidence in their teaching methods and curriculum relevance. They realised that their skillset and knowledge were aligned with industry expectations, reinforcing the value they brought to the classroom.

Broadening Perceptions

The program exposed teachers to the wide range of roles and opportunities that lie within a design agency. They discovered that design agencies encompassed not only design but also strategy, production, visualising, client servicing, finance, and more. This broader perspective allowed teachers to better guide students in exploring potential career paths beyond traditional vocations.

Inspiration for Teachers and Students

Participating teachers became ambassadors for the design industry, sharing their newfound knowledge and experiences with their students. By bridging the gap between education and industry, the program inspired students to consider creative careers and motivated them to pursue opportunities in the design sector.

Strengthening Industry-Education Connections

Engaging with teachers and establishing connections between industry professionals and educators proved crucial in promoting creative education. Encouraging teachers to understand industry challenges and incorporating industry insights into the curriculum can better prepare students for future careers.

Teachers should actively research and seek out information about the design industry and its opportunities, to guide students effectively. Building connections with industry professionals, attending workshops, and exploring various roles within the design sector can contribute to inspiring future talent.

Future Directions

Bulletproof intends to expand the Teachers in Residence program by inviting more teachers to participate in workshops that provide a comprehensive overview of the agency’s functions and opportunities. Additionally, the agency aims to continue to collaborate with educators to inspire and empower students to explore creative industries.


Through the Teachers in Residence program, Bulletproof helped bridge the gap between education and industry, inspiring both teachers and subsequently their students. By immersing teachers in the dynamic world of design agencies, Bulletproof instilled confidence, broadened perspectives, and sparked enthusiasm for creative careers.