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Arts University Bournemouth Webinar

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is paving the way with its unique approach to nurturing talent and innovation. Will Strange, the leader of AUB’s Design for Sustainable Futures Programme, shared insights into the university’s vision and new courses during a virtual presentation with Ed Ward and Paul Johnson, who leads the Creative Technologies Course and Modelmaking Programme.

Expansion and Collaboration

Will highlighted AUB’s recent Blueprint 1000 membership to expand its outreach efforts. The university aims not only to spread awareness about its creative courses but also to collaborate with more teachers and schools. The focus is on introducing new courses aligned with future demands in the creative industries.

Creative Technologies Course

Ed, the leader of the Creative Technologies Course, emphasised the evolution from trends observed in student projects. The course integrates technology and creativity, encouraging students to explore interactive spaces and environments. Through real-world projects, students learn to ideate and design interactive designs, combining technological innovation with a narrative-driven approach. The program bridges the gap between technology and human interaction, preparing students for a dynamic future in the creative industry.

Modelmaking Programme

Paul, the leader of the Modelmaking Course, shed light on a hidden gem within the creative landscape. Modelmaking at AUB has a rich history with excellent employment records. The course covers diverse areas such as architectural model-making, film and TV prop creation, museum exhibits, and more. Graduates find success in various industries, including film, animation, and product development. AUB’s collaborative campus and industry partnerships create a unique environment for students to thrive.

Campus Showcase

The virtual tour showcased AUB’s cutting-edge facilities, including woodworking and metalworking workshops, digital manufacturing spaces, and dedicated studios. The university’s commitment to hands-on learning is evident in its ‘Innovation Studio’, providing students with a collaborative space for creativity and research.

Portfolio Guidance

Transitioning from course presentations, the team delved into the crucial aspect of portfolio preparation. AUB emphasises a range of media exploration, showcasing the importance of varied techniques and materials. Weight is placed on displaying the creative process, revealing the journey behind the final product. Referencing the course and narrating responses to challenging briefs add depth to the portfolio, allowing a glimpse into the student’s problem-solving skills.

Arts University Bournemouth stands at the forefront of creative education, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and real-world application.