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ELSE Work Placements

Working at ELSE

Strategic Design Consultancy and Blueprint 1000 member, ELSE took part in a 4-day placement scheme to bring young talented students from Canary Wharf College, on board and teach them how their Design Studio operates. This included presenting them with different tasks and challenges that they may face in the workplace to ensure a well-rounded skill-set.

Design-based work placements like this offer a unique opportunity for students to learn about the design process and gain valuable and hands-on experience within industry. By working closely with experienced designers, students can learn about the different stages of design, from initial concepts through to final solutions. This can give them a real insight into what it takes to create successful designs, problem solve and apply their skills in a professional setting.

Here’s what the team at ELSE had to say:

“The group were guided through a 4-day run-through of what we get up to at ELSE. They took part in a mini-project in which they decided on an app they use regularly, and to think of some design improvements.

The guys chose Tiktok and spent the first few days researching their competitors, and other apps with features they like to see incorporated in the social media app. The following 2 days were spent creating low-fidelity wireframes of their improved app experience before spending the final day mocking up their final designs using the design software Figma. The areas the guys chose to focus on were accessibility, online security and safety for kids, and time management. These topics were very mature and forward-thinking, with their design solutions reflecting a high attention to detail and an understanding of designing for different demographics.

Overall the guys showed a keen enthusiasm throughout the week which reflected in their hard work and hopefully the enjoyment and knowledge they took from the week.”

In addition to gaining practical experience, students who took part in this work placement can also now develop their transferable skills. These include communication and team working skills, both of which are essential in any design career. By working on real projects with clients, students can learn how to manage their time effectively, meet deadlines and deal with clients’ expectations. All of these skills will be invaluable when they enter the competitive world of design.

There are many advantages for companies who offer work experience placements to students. Firstly, it is a great way to identify potential future employees. Secondly, it can help to foster a good relationship between the company and the local community/schools. Thirdly, it can boost the morale of the company’s employees as they see that they are helping to shape the future generation.

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‘Design is a powerful tool. It’s not just about styling, it’s about impact and strategic advantage. Businesses that incorporate design into their company culture enjoy more satisfied customers, operate with increased efficiency, and unlock greater financial rewards.’

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