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Enhancing Educational Engagement at Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners hosted five educators from various institutions to offer transformative learning experiences through the D&T Associations’ Teachers in Residence Programme to introduce the field of Architecture. Peter Garstecki, Education Manager at Foster + Partners, shares insights into the Teachers in Residence placements and its impact on the team.

Program Highlights

The placement program was intense yet rewarding. The program aimed to provide educators with valuable insights into Architecture, Engineering and Design, fostering skills essential for future teaching which he feels was achieved through the course of the placement.

Positive Outcomes

Engaging moments helped participants grasp new concepts, aiding in their professional development. Peter saw their growth as educators and found the experience useful for both them and Foster + Partners.

In a move to broaden their perspective, the participants attended apprenticeship presentations. This exposure allowed them to witness diverse practices leading to a fruitful experience overall.

Impact on the Organisation

The placement program sparked conversations on product design, leading to discussions about influencing government policy to enhance Design & Technology subjects. The program also prompted internal discussions about aligning with educational scopes and how to further enrich the Design & Technology curriculum.

Surprising Discoveries

Peter was surprised by the potential of culinary and food-related aspects within Design & Technology. This alignment between technology, design, and food preparation was unexpected and showcased how diverse the field can be.

Educational Insights

The placement revealed the varying nature of teaching Design & Technology across different schools. While some schools prioritise core subjects, others focus more on creative and peripheral subjects. This diversity poses challenges for educators to address differing student needs.

Future Collaborations

Foster + Partners aims to continue nurturing connections with educators and their students. They are considering future projects, including a seminar collaboration with the Association to share their insights and experiences. This collaboration will help spread awareness and understanding about the roles within the architecture field beyond the commonly perceived notion of an architect’s role.

 Expansion of Opportunities

Foster + Partners is exploring potential opportunities for collaboration with university-level students. Discussions are underway with organisations specialising in underrepresented groups, allowing young students to gain exposure to architecture. These initiatives aim to provide valuable insights and inspiration for those aspiring to pursue a career in the field.

In summary, the Teachers in Residence program has proven to be a successful initiative, fostering collaboration between the industry and educators to enhance learning experiences and provide valuable insights to both teachers and students alike.