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Youth STEM - RAF

Youth STEM - RAF

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Youth STEM – RAF, a pivotal initiative by the Royal Air Force (RAF), recognises the role played by individuals in critical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) positions such as engineers, aviation technicians, and medics in the RAF’s overarching success. To inspire and encourage the next generation of STEM enthusiasts, Youth STEM – RAF actively engages with schools and communities across the UK and overseas. Through hands-on activities, competitions, and immersive experiences, Youth STEM – RAF aims to ignite curiosity and passion for STEM subjects among young people.

The initiative offers a range of fun and free STEM resources, including activities related to coding, rockets, design and build, investigation, cyber, virtual experiences, and more. By providing these resources for both primary and secondary students ensures a commitment to fostering a learning environment that empowers students to explore the exciting possibilities within STEM fields, paving the way for rewarding careers in the future.



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